Why visit Playa Giron?

Hotel Playa Giron Playa Larga

Whether your reason to visit Giron and the Bay of Pigs site is for historical motives or you simply wish to stay at one of the most beautiful and largely untouched areas of Cuba, we are sure you´ll enjoy your time here with us. The small village of Giron is a alive both night and day, spurred on by the constant visitors, the town has grown to accommodate the many needs of tourists to the region.

Playa Giron Coast

There are several budget hotels along Playa Giron, with Hotel Playa Giron being the most famous. There are also some excellent casa particulares in Playa Giron. Probably the most popular with tourists is the Hotel Playa Larga. This 3 star hotel is located on the equally impressive Playa Larga which is an astoundingly beautiful white sand beach. Hotel Finca Don Pedro is a cheaper 2 star property also on the Playa Larga Beach. Another budget hotel but which is very popular is the Hotel Laguna del Tesoro 3 star property.

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